Friday, October 26, 2012


happy Saturday for u's weather seems like hot and maybe raining will fall down at anytime.. today's post i would like to share with u guys some of my favouritaa of the song is by JUDIKA-KAU YANG TERSAKITI.. when i analyze this song, it's kinda sad song.. luahan hati bf dia jat gf dia coz leave him and go to the other man.. what a sad..  if i were gf, I won't do that because it's hurt.. i know what he feels..aceceh... hehe... but seriously, what we do to other people, we will get it back. cash n carry.. like this quote: what goes around,comes around.. 

to my dearest Ashraf, I won't leave u and break our promise that we've made before. FYI, only u in my heart and there is no one can replace one..unless death can separate us.. i always love no matter what happen. and I wish, we can married as soon as possible.. only U can guide me to the right path.. 

okeyh, let's go to the other song.. the title is CINTA TAK HARUS MEMLIKI by ST12.. sad song too.. but I agreed , when we love someone, it's not necessary we have to married them. i just give my opinion..maybe some of u're not agreed with my opinion..

p/s: i only want to marry with u sayang... 

wanna a new lappy :(

so saaadd.... my lappy sdh rosak... xleh nk btul dah... byk virus dah beranak pinak dalam lappy saya... :(...
nk beli baru,tala wang..... tunggu ptptn masuk,lama lagi... isk...isk... udah lama my lappy masuk wad icu... doktor lappy saya,abag ipar saya bilang xleh nk btul lg... penyakit virus itu sudah merebak ke seluruh body lappy saya..oh tuhan!! saya sayang sangat itu lappy.... saya xleh terima hakikat yg lappy saya harus dibuang... tp saya xtala buang lagi... saya mahu itu lappy sembuh sepenuhnya.... walaupun terpaksa g overseas untuk bertemu dgn doktor pakar... 

kawan2,tolong doakan my lappy sembuh ya.... isk..isk..:(

Monday, July 23, 2012

hye... salam RAMADAN AL-MUBARAK.. this fasting month come again for this year...  and last friday, my internship already end.. but i have to continue with ST another 2 months. goshhh. what a long time.
so this year, raya xdpt cuti lama la.. hmmm.. wat to do? just accept la... 

currently i'm doing my practical in STMicroelectronic Muar... what a big company.. got 4000++ employees .. multinational company.. but the working environment there is so stress. i cannot work with that environment.. 
all the people there such a jerk. excluding me.. hehe.. k la i have to continue doing my report. adiosss.. daa

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

everything is goes well

aku hepi giler rini sbb aku lulul JPJ test!!! yabedabedu!!! xsangka lulus.. alhamdulillah sgt2... YA ALLAH, ko dah byk membantu aku ... ko dgr setiap doa aku.... tq YA ALLAH...  pasnie dah dpt lesen sah, leh bwk kereta tanpa takut2 lagi... hehehe.... tq pak akob ajar aku selama nie. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

h a p p y a n n i v e s r y s a y a n g

x sangka hubungan aku dgn dia dh menjangkau 3 tahun... syukur ya Allah.. :)  24/12/2011...  n one good news, bapak dia dpt title datuk.. syukur sgt2.. love u sayang !

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


today is Thursday.. everybody knows... what a special thing bout Thursday? anyone??

u make me cry

i know i am not pretty like her.. but please stop comparing me with her .. and please stop complaining me... that's only what I want..